Freddy the Teddy, Vol. I

by Auntie Diana

Released 2007
Red Balloon Records
Released 2007
Red Balloon Records
Snuggly stories and songs for children 3-10, written and performed by the author with heart and affection.
Auntie Diana, who is an actual auntie in real life, developed the Freddy the TeddyTM stories for her young nieces. Over a period of time, she created a whole world for Freddy, and then decided to record the stories and songs for the public.
Freddy is just an average bear. He doesn’t light up, he doesn’t talk when you squeeze his paw - and he doesn’t have any superpowers - but, he has a good head on his shoulders. He takes things as they come and always tries to do the right thing; like all of us, he has some failings, but he’s loyal to his friends and always tries to have a good time, no matter what's in the road ahead!
When problems come up, he solves them as best as he can, and always puts his best paw forward. We hope he's the kind of friend you’d want your kid to have.

Auntie Diana, professionally known as Diana B, has had extensive experience both writing for children and teaching children. Her music credits include songs and score for Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, and songs and score for Little Red. She composed songs for Hershey Park musicals for many seasons, and also music directed many children’s shows with the Proposition Theatre Company, formerly based in Boston, Massachusetts.
As the storyteller/singer of Freddy the TeddyTM Volume 1, Diana’s low, throaty voice is both comforting and fun; it’s often said that no one sings a song better than it’s composer; and the perfect example in this offering is "The Pie Song".
"Apropos of nothing," Diana told us, "I like pie so much, I made a New Year’s Resolution this time around to eat more pie. So far, I haven’t quit!"
By the way, age range for this CD is 3-8. So, take a listen to the clips and try them out with your family. We think your kids will love it!

Red Balloon Records

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