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Hello.  As you know, many people were upset by the recent presidential election.  Here's a song I wrote prior to the voting, and it's a shame more people didn't listen to it. For your information, the video was done by the incredibly talented Sonia Villerias.  One of these days you'll see her in a director's chair.  I've also thrown in a few rants below the song.  As you can see, I'm a bit of a Democrat.  Better that than a demagogue, I think.  Anyway, welcome to my site and feel free to browse about.



I started writing Do The Donald Two, but he's creating so much damage I've decided to write an entire musical instead, in a Shakespearean vein, of course; so keep an eye out for it.  Let's all hope we all don't get pounded too much by the itsy-bitsy blonde guy...hang on to your hats, folks!

Yours Always,

Diana B

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